Advanced routing software.  Revolutionary routing algorithms.

Developed out of MIT research, our award-winning technology is designing the future of mobility,
allowing transportation systems to increase efficiencies and provide safe and reliable rider experiences.

For School Districts

We offer unique products to help districts create safe and efficient bus routes, while saving money and alleviating driver shortages.

  • One-Touch Optimized Routing
  • Comprehensive Transportation Management
  • Dynamic Scenario Modeling
  • Bell Times Optimization
  • Redistricting/Student Assignment Optimization
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For Transit

A new approach to routing and transportation management for transit systems, maximizing efficiency and offering multimodal optimization.

  • Microtransit
  • Paratransit
  • Integrated Mobility Systems
  • Regional Transportation Coordination
  • Universities &  Companies
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Boston Public Schools Transportation Challenge!


2019 INFORMS- Franz Edelman Awards


Our work has been featured in prestigious news and research publications:

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