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Our products help school districts transport students to school safely, reliably and efficiently. We can help you lower the cost of school bus transportation without compromising on the quality you promise to parents and students.

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Bell Times Optimization

Bell times optimization

A first-of-its-kind product that uses multi-purpose optimization to define ideal start and end times for each school, based on multiple public policy and school community criteria. More and more districts are responding to compelling national research on the value of shifting high school start times later to promote better health and academic outcomes for students. Our Bell Times Optimization product helps districts to do this as efficiently as possible.

Combined with Multi School Bus Routing, Bell Times Optimization can deliver significant additional savings that can be reinvested into classrooms.

Our Bell Times Optimization product features:

  • An analytics approach to a public policy problem
  • Multi objective optimization, generating efficient solutions that account for:
    • Student health
    • Equity
    • Savings
    • Parents satisfaction
    • Special needs
  • Extensive consulting support from practitioners who have changed districtwide start-times
  • Multiple trade-off scenarios for discussions with community
  • Full integration with Multi-School Bus Routing
  • Potential for additional, significant reduction in the number of routes if combined with Multi-School Bus Routing

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