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Our products help school districts transport students to school safely, reliably and efficiently. We can help you lower the cost of school bus transportation without compromising on the quality you promise to parents and students.

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Multi School Bus Routing

Students to School Assignment

Flexible Routing

Bell Times Optimization

Flexible Routing

School bus routing involves far more than just home to school transportation. Extra-curricular activities, field trips, and special events, all require customized transportation planning and flexible routing.

Our Flexible Routing product features:

  • Fully optimized non-static routes for maximum efficiency
  • Flexibility allowing transportation staff to schedule and create new routes in minutes
  • User friendly functionality for non-standard activities:
    • Field trips
    • Athletics
    • Students with multiple addresses
    • Other alternative routing needs
  • Comprehensive support for students with special needs
  • Up to 30% reduction in the number of alternative routes
  • Full integration with Multi-School Bus Routing